Communication can change behaviour. Good communication can change people and transform the way we operate and create results together.

A passion for developing human communication skills so they turn recipients into participants and improve the
bottom-line results

My mission

To offer new leader communication formats that releases their communication potential  so messages are translated into concrete action and create trust-based relations and high performance.

My vision

To optimize communication between people in order to achieve better results on the  bottom line.


By expanding the field of leadership communication and focus on the leaders' ability to empower their employees and make them participants rather than recipients.


Since 2002 I have had my own company where I work with communication in different ways. In the period 2011 – 2014 I was a full-time senior advisor in the communications firm Advice A/S, which I now have a strategic partnership with as an associate advisor. 
I have previously been associated as a communication consultant and advisor in COK - Center for Public Competency in KL, Zentropa Interaction, WorkZ and I am still also affiliated with DTI DK and Kforum as network facilitator and trainer.

International experience

Today I work closely with a number of Danish companies on the development and  facilitation of leadership communication concepts and training, both in Denmark and internationally in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, China, Africa and in the Arab world. I also work globally as an external supplier for Novo Nordisk with my own leadership communication format and I work with leaders in several parts of the world.


  • Certified systemic and narrative process and management consultant from DISPUK

  • BA in rhetoric, media and developmental psychology

  • Management and organizational modules from Niels Brock plus a management and senior training programme with Resonance

  • Certified change leader (Changes Setter concept)
  • Certified adult educator from KL
  • Educated actor from Odense Theater - award-winning actor
  • Approved teacher of The Japanese Tadashi Suzuki teaching method of actor training

Here is my short list of literature and professional knowledge, which is an ongoing inspiration to me in my role as an advisor. Some of the titles may also inspire and move you. Enjoy!

Strategy and Communication

"The art of action" - by Stephen Bungay. Strong book about the German military man  Von Moltke and his effective communication strategy down the line. Moltke's communication strategy gave everyone a clear picture of the intentions and goals while giving them the freedom to fill out the strategic framework and act independently and innovatively

Three classics around change management

“Beyond the wall of resistance", Rick Maurer. Maurer's main contribution is the theory of the three resistance levels and considering the change as a cyclical movement in six phases.

"The heart of change", John P. Kotter, a change management classic. I believe that Kotter's 8 steps to change and his point to motivate the emotional employee engagement will never go out of fashion.

“Beyond change management" by Linda and Dean Anderson, their 30 years of experience on changes in their consultancy Being First is written here.


And then the inevitable book. Read it to learn more about both business strategy and captivating communication:

“Start with WHY” by Simon Sinek is one of the best books that I've read in 2013.  His Golden Circle model and explanation of how our brain receives a message is very well exemplified through the book

Rhetoric and keynote speaking

Max Atkinson, speechwriter for Reagan and adviser to Clinton, discloses the essence of the most powerful rhetorical tools and tips for good oral communication here: "Lend me your ears", Max Atkinson


A book about the necessity for leaders who master the basic improvisation principles to be able to succeed in a fast changing organizational world:

"Yes to the mess" Surprising leadership lessons from jazz, Frank J. Barrett

And then of course the U

"Theory U" by Otto Scharmer

My own articles

Fremtidens forandringsledelse, Article from 2013 by Puk Scharbau and Tine Lassenius Kramp

Forandring kræver åbenhed - brug dit impromindset, Article from 2014 by Puk Scharbau and Tine Lassenius Kramp