Communication can change behaviour. Good communication can change people and transform the way we operate and create results together.

      Change management - beyond the wall of resistance

The key to successful change is all about mindset, communication and the ability to understand what is really happening - with full attention, openness and without preconceptions. It's about taking into account the human factor.

In today's businesses changes has become a regular irregularity. I help managers and change managers to master the
ability to lead employees through change by focusing on factors such as commitment, dialogue and genuine attendance.
I can contribute to strategic planning of management communication so it makes sense in an employee context. 

People don’t resist change. They resist being changed
— Peter Senge

Certified as a change leader in the “Change Setter” system, I use Rick Maurer's theories on how to reduce resistance
among stakeholders by working with relationships, a circular vision of change and situational communication.
Furthermore, I help to set SMART goals and develop specific action plans for achieving the goals.

I contribute with


  • Mapping the stakeholders, support decisions on information channels and the preparation of a communication plan

  • To co-author and sharpen your future-orientated vision and core story, so they affect the
    employees’ logical and emotional understanding, thus creating wholehearted engagement

  • Formulation of key messages, core story and other communication materials which ensure
    engagement and reduces resistance

  • Training of manager’s communication and presentation skills

  • Preparation and facilitation of workshop concepts that create dialogue and reduces
    resistance to change

Training in change management

Design and facilitation of training in change management e.g. for people working with HR or communication. The participants attain a basic understanding of the major theories of change management. They gain practical experience in using the theories through casework, where they are challenged in managing change and getting their stakeholders to join them by alternating between management and leadership actions.

Furthermore, I teach about the basic project leading disciplines such as e.g. setting a clear vision, defining SMART goals and developing concrete action- and communication plans.

  • Novo Nordisk - Training of HR people from the business area East Europe in 2015, a training course in three modules and a duration of three days

  • HOFOR - organizational changes 2013 + 2015 - advice on history, key messages and advice on management communications during major organizational change

  • Talk on Edgemo Summit 2015 "IT’s way through the wall of resistance".

  • Frederiksberg Municipally - Presentation about the school reform for public school teachers in 2014.


        Theory and inspiration

My work is based on a solid understanding of change inspired by John Kotter, Rick Maurer, Linda Ackerman
Anderson and Otto Scharmer.

Fremtidens forandringsledelse, article from 2013 by Puk Scharbau and Tine Lassenius Kramp

Forandring kræver åbenhed - brug dit impromindset, article from 2014 by Puk Scharbau and Tine Lassenius Kramp

You should never try to overcome resistance, instead you should learn how to meet it and attend to peoples core psychological needs in order to mitigate it
— Rick Maurer

Using creative methods for changing mindset and behaviour

Here an example on a global scale, from a series of eight videos/ web-isodes developed for Novo Nordisk for internal communication around strategic key-issues. Each episode is provided with a process template to use at team meetings, in order to make it easy for a leader to facilitate a short, tight process on the theme within his own team.