Communication can change behaviour. Good communication can change people and transform the way we operate and create results together.

Novo Nordisk has been working closely with Puk Scharbau for almost a decade. Initially around video-based dramatization of real-life dilemmas from the corporate world - videos which have subsequently been used in the company to inspire and facilitate dialogue between managers and their teams.

Three years ago, Puk co-developed a leader communication training course with us, based on an analysis of the pain points that managers in Novo Nordisk experience related to their personal communication within their teams.

The courses have been running in headquarters as well as in affiliates around the world, and have been tremendously successfully because they address some very relevant challenges related to translating strategic context into locally relevant direction - as well as how to embrace resistance when employees react to change.

We have enjoyed working with Puk who has a rare combination of experience within drama, management consulting and leadership training. Her ability to co-produce with her clients has made the adaptation of her experience as well as relevant theoretical models extremely value-adding.
— Torben Bundgaard; Vice President, Organisational Communication, Novo Nordisk
Strong communication skills are crucial when you want to build trust-based relations to your customers. People want to be engaged and motivated by consultants they trust and who relates to them through open, honest and positive communication. Being a team of 20 people working with Front End services in NNE Pharmaplan we have realized that continuous training is important to maintain and further develop these skills. Having heard many endorsements regarding Puk’s services in this field we engaged her to help us on this journey.

In April 2016 we started the training program that Puk had designed and we have just finished Part One. We worked both individually and in “buddy teams” of 3 or 4 persons focusing on planning communication and presentation. Each employee got a personal treat in order to strengthen his or her impact in relations to the customer.
As a rounding off 2016 we trained to strengthen our abilities to give and receive feedback, now a topic on all staff meetings going forward. Puk found the perfect way to handle us and we have learned a lot - we look forward to continuing our journey.
— Sanne Lindhardt, Director at NNE Pharmaplan
Design and facilitation of workshop with focus on improving cross functional communication and collaboration. The workshop created awareness of communication preferences on personal level and the challenges they create as well as identified key drivers across the organisation for improved cross functional collaboration. Super engaging workshop with a lot of fun and very good feedback from all participants. Very concrete actions identified and refined during workshop enables efficient execution afterwards.
— Anne Mette Wiis Vogelsang, Novo Nordisk

I have been using Puk at one of NNITs' talentprograms since 2011 Puk always get's top evaluations at the workshops she runs. She is excellent at engaging and motivate all participants and are consistently giving appreciative and developing feedback. Puk very clearly has a great experience and knowledge in the communication field. Her former career as an actress works as a further strenghtening factor, which she combines with a theoretical fundament and understanding of business issues.

Annemarie Falk, NNIT Advanced Org. Development Consultant HR Business Partners & Development

What an amazing day.  Thank you Puk for how you with great experiences, to the point examples and enormous theoretical knowledge about 'my' professional field as a human resources expert and leader could give us such an amazing and value adding day about the potential of emotional communication. I was very impressed with how you captured my ambitions during the briefing meeting and thrilled to see you delivered to perfection. You have enhanced my team's ability to make an impact on our business.

Claudia Lillebjerg Simonsen, Vice President People & Organization

Puk has a strategic cooperation with Advice and represent the company as associated advisor. Puk is a very valued associated advisor to Advice, where she formerly functioned as senior advisor in our team for internal- and leadership communication. With a highly engaged, professional and positive personality, Puk has been responsible for communication projects concerning strategy roll outs, change communication, leadership communication, customer- and service communication. During 2014 she will be in charge of a large leadership communication- and assessment project for one of our leading clients. Puk's strong contribution to the communication field, is that she masters to combine the classic advisor profile with her creative competencies. With a great effect Puk manage to use fiction, actors and creates true involvement of both hearts and minds, e.g when designing processes, workshops or company days or implement changes, works with culture, leaders and mindsets. 

*Espen Højlund. Partner, Director Advice*

After breaking down Hofor's strategy into measurable targets, it was now time to implement Performance Management in Operations. Just before the Team Leaders and their Lean coordinators in the Domestic Heating Operations should present the performance management graphs for their teams for the very first time, Puk Scharbau trained their presentation technique and communication skills. It was in the end of 2011 and in the beginning of 2012 that Puk trained seven Team Leaders and their Lean coordinates. 

Puks situational approach and professional ability at all training sessions with the Team Leaders and Lean Coordinators was crucial to achieve enthusiasm from beginning to end. And at the first Performance Management meetings the employees gained ownership to the Performance Management targets from the start. Change Management in the Domestic Heating Operations was an easy task because of the cooperation with Puk

Lars Lean - Lean Partner at HOFOR A/S