Communication can change behaviour. Good communication can change people and transform the way we operate and create results together.

Training that moves people and mindsets

My mantra is “out with course directories and power points and in with presence, dialogue and plenty of valuable experience in practical interactive exercises”. You learn and change your mindset through practical training and experience. Below you can see a variety of course formats that have been very useful for my clients. The formats are constantly evolving – so please feel free to contact me if you have a special request. 

Clear and creative communication presentation workshop

An intensive 1 day presentations- and performanceworkshop with a max. of 8 participants, which ensures a high individual output. Can be combined with optional individual trainings sessions. sikrer et højt individuelt udbytte - read more here

1:1 leader and specialist communication training

Get a garantied high personal output with an intensive a customed session design that focuses on your specific needs. WE will be worksing with theory and practical exercises from the rhetoric's and the actor's worlsd as well as wecontinously will use video and feedback.  - read more here

Courses for managers

• Masterclass in Leadership Communication. See more about the course here: Masterclass with Puk Scharbau and Kforum

• Media Training in collaboration with the political advisor and former spin doctor

• The manager's participatory communication

• Leadership communication training with an optional Communication Module 

• Leadership communication 1: 1 sessions in an individual program Courses for employees

Courses for employees

• Simple and committed communication and presentation of complex knowledge

• Change management and communication

• Customer directed service communications- see more

• Good communication culture

• Body language and interactive communication

• Team building and team measurement

• Handling conflicts

• Forum Theatre as an educational well-being tool (Primary school)

Strategy conferences and leadership workshops that are creative and focuses on results

I prepare, design and facilitate interactive workshop concepts for 10-400 participants that create lasting results. Communication themes, strategy or development of creative ideas - my experience is that commitment, creativity and a dynamic and interactive programme is the key to a successful workshop. In cooperation with you, I develop a course for the workshop format and formulate success criterias and a clear goal to achieve solid results.

Read about a strategy seminar designed for NNIT here

Forum Theatre

Do you need to view new perspectives or do you have a theme or dilemma that you want to work with, so that the learning touches both the heart and mind? Forum Theatre is an interactive role-play using professional actors, which can help people see their skills, patterns and potentials in a new perspective. By using the forum theater method I help companies, managers and employees to look at themselves from an outside perspective. Using short situation games I work with behavior, communication and new solutions to the dilemma we focus on. By working with the dilemma game, we open the possibility of insight into other people's intentions and perception of the world. We influence mindsets, culture and hopefully future behavior. It gives renewed respect and motivation.

Getting Started

Please feel free to contact me for more information so we can find out whether this working method is suitable for your next project or theme day. I also work with teaching adult game leaders such as school personnel; teachers and educators who want to use the method with children.


AstraZeneca All Company Conferences for up to 450people in 2010 to 2013

NNIT strategy day for all managers

DR Ramasjang - Ultra strategy seminar

Copenhagen municipality - the introduction of new personas by using live actors

Oticon - Team- and leadership development and workshops

Red Cross - Development of ideas for a creative concept

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which of them to keep
— Richard Johnson