Communication can change behaviour. Good communication can change people and transform the way we operate and create results together.

Engage your employees towards High Performance and achieve your business goals

I give leaders the courage and tools needed to communicate in a facilitative and participatory manner so their communication reaches both the heart and mind of their employees. This method is used to convert messages into concrete action and to create trusting relationships and companionship.

My core services

Leadership communication concepts that ensure a structured approach to the communication work in your business can save you time and money

Managers use great amounts of time on communicating. Optimizing managers' communication skills therefore creates immediate value for a business. With a leader communication concept the business leaders are offered a mutual approach to great communication and at the same time they are being trained in how to work structured with preparing, creating and executing their communication.  

I advise and train a number of Danish and global companies, including the pharma and insurance industry. I have extensive experience within developing and designing concepts that fit exactly to the management values nd strategic goals of the individual company.


Personal leader - and specialist communication with you in focus

As a leader you create results through other people. You need to be able to communicate strategy, direction and visions for your employees, while you at the strategic level communicate with stakeholders, media and the outside world.

As senior communication advisor I work with message handling and rhetoric. Working with me you will get direct feedback on your communication style and we will work with presentations, assignments and communication challenges from your everyday work life. You will be challenged on your assumptions about your communication and on how other people perceive you.

Furthermore you will work with your non-verbal business card. You will learn to use your body language and your voice strategically to build trusting relationships and to ensure that your messages get through. For this I draw on my own practical experience as a former professional actress.

For several years I have been a regular communication trainer for companies such as Pandora, Codan Insurance and Novo Nordisk. Furthermore, I teach a master class course at Kommunikationsforum and I organize courses tailored to individual needs.

Workshop on communication strategy in Warsaw 2015

Workshop on communication strategy in Warsaw 2015

"The strength of the course is that it works with both specific tools and training as well as with self-reflection. I think that I have got rid of some of my own critical assumptions about my communication and boosted my awareness of what works and what is convincing and I have especially learned to be much more visual "

- Participant from the course in personal leadership communication in 2015

My Approach

The future of leader communication - facilitating and participatory communication. As a leader you are your company's main communication channel. The balance of power in the company has changed and these days the leadership communication style is based on basic facilitating abilities and the ability to involve the recipients.

Employees of the digital age expect to be involved and they want to be participants rather than recipients.

The future leader communication is about having the courage to be open for communication and to dare to be in a room where decisions are not made immediately. 

Facilitating leadership communication is mastered with a balance between being open and focused, improvising and organized, developing and consolidating. As manager you must be able to set up a clear framework and objective for the dialogue, as well as finding the defined field where you can involve people in an honest manner.

You must always have a sincere intention to be affected by your employees' ideas; otherwise the involvement can create mistrust. To ensure a sound relationship between managers and employees it is essential that your communication form is updated. I can provide you with the tools needed to update and optimize your communication.

Do you master the three basic leader communication disciplines? 

1. Strategic Communication

As a leader you must be able to translate key messages such as strategy and change to a local context. This ensures your employees’ engagement and high performance. 


2. Daily Communication

A successful leader must be able to master a committed and dialogue-based leadership communication style and be familiar with the mechanisms in various forms of dialogue. 

The progressive employee expects involvement and dialogue. This creates a feeling of ownership and ensures a coordinated understanding. 


3. Change Communication

A successful change leader understands the importance of communication and cultivates the relationship with his many stakeholders. You should be able to make every employee feel that they are important when it comes to the bigger picture. You also need to work on reducing any resistance to ensure that everyone realizes that the change creates value for them.

How I can help your business


  • Development of leader communication set-up, such as concept development and design, leader training and tools within strategic communication, daily communication and change communication
  • Leader communication training with focus on mastering a facilitating and engaging communication style with focus on dialogue, questions and reflection. A leader communication style expected of employees in our digitalized era.
  • Individually customized communication training with 1:1 sessions
  • One-day "Shadow Observation" of leaders focusing on communication and subsequent feedback
  • Preparation of training programmes and workshops
  • In coordination with Advice A/S I offer leadership communication measurement and certification of communication consultants through 1:1 feedback conversations

This is what top executives say about the importance of communication in their work:

In today’s business world good communication skills are no longer a “nice to have”, they are absolutely vital. Having the most amazing business ideas is one thing, communicating those ideas to inspire others is quite another.
— Steve Knight, Insead
I use approximately 30-50% of my time on communication. Most of my communication is internally explaining the strategy in our company
— Lars Rebien, Novo Nordisk