Communication can change behaviour. Good communication can change people and transform the way we operate and create results together.

Hope you will also find some of the stuff at this page inspiring

A great book on how to communicate strategy in an enabling and engaging way:

"The art of action" af Stephen Bungay


Two classics on change leadership:  

"Beyond change management" af Linda og Dean Anderson from Being first

"The heart of change", John P. Kotter


And a great change leader framework:

Rick Maurer The cycle of change


One of the best books that I've read in 2013.:

Sinek's Golden Circle model and explanation of how our brains recieves a message is very well exemplified through the book

"Start with WHY" by Simon SInek

Or watch his 18 min ted Talk on:



And of course ....

"Theory U", by Otto Scharmer


And at last two gentlemen who explains wisely, why leaders must be expert improvisers:

"Yes to the mess" Surprising leadership lessons from jazz, af Frank J. Barrett

Harvard article